We're creating a focused community for overwhelmed women entrepreneurs.

Be part of The Collective and build a business that's boundless!

About The Collective

Are you a one-woman-show, feeling so lonely and trying to juggle all the spinning plates? Us too! We are building this with you because we are creating it for you.

We offer women in business a focused platform with resources and shortcuts so they can stop spinning their wheels, get the traction they crave, and a clear path forward so that they can move into their purpose. 

We've created this community so that you can grow alongside other women who get you too.

Why Should You Join Us?

Do you need:

  • outside perspective to help you over hurdles?
  • to outsource and get things off your plate?
  • collaboration and fun connections? 
  • a place to ask advice and get tips?
  • advice from an expert in a particular field? 
  • accountability and ways to get sh*t done?  
  • help organizing and sorting through the 1,000 thoughts per second in your head?

Resources inside The Collective:

We know you're busy - we help create time and space so you can grow and scale your business. Our members have access to these monthly opportunities:

  • COLLECTIVE CONVERSATIONS: Celebrate your wins and collaborate on any issues or hurdles you’re facing.
  • FUTURE MEMBERS FOCUS GROUP: It's more fun when you have friends in business! Invite the impressive women you know to learn about our community.
  • MASTER CLASS RELEASE: Our Brand Partners* teach on topics you’re asking for, so you can get the tools, resources, and shortcuts you need.
  • COFFEE CHAT WITH OUR BRAND PARTNERS: Get answers to your questions from a Master Class, plus get to know other BPs and how they can help you.
  • COMMUNITY CO-WORKING: This is where we get sh*t done. We work together in an organized, structured, and accountable way so we get traction and make progress!

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