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About The Collective

About The Collective

                                                                          We offer working women a focused platform with resources and shortcuts so they can stop spinning their wheels, get the traction they crave & a clear path forward so that they can move into their purpose. 

Are you a one-woman-show juggling all the spinning plates? Us too! We are building this with you because we are creating it for you.

We've created this community so that you can grow alongside other women who get it, because they're in the same exact boat.

Why Should You Join Us?

                                                                    In the very little time you have to devote to your passion and business, do you ever find yourself spending 80% of that time and effort doing things that don’t actually move you forward?

We know that your time is money, and we want to give you a shortcut to a suite of resources perfectly curated for you and your business, so that you can live in that elusive 20% where you see the progress... 

Now, that’s where the fun is... and we prefer FUN!

A Big Thanks!

The Collective offers on-going, consistent support for you and your passion.           Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

Be an insider.

It's when you’re Inside the Collective that the magic happens. 

Download and listen to "Inside the Collective" on your favorite podcast app (or click the logo below) to hear the stories of brilliant women just like you who are pursuing their purpose!

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